Wednesday, July 11, 2018

I'm Exposing The Mean & Nasty Scumbags Who Frequent YouTube

Hello. Many people love YouTube. It's a fantastic place to watch all types of interesting and entertaining videos. But while YouTube attracts an enormous amount of people, it also attracts a massive element that's mostly young, poorly educated, mean, sadistic, and twisted. You can surmise this by the spelling errors and poor sentence structure. Of course the words reveal the obvious. I've had interactions with many nice young people who show respect to me and have respect for others.

All of these people are real. Type their screen name along with YouTube into Google. All it takes to set certain types of people off is seeing comments they don't like, and they lash out. And that's why I decided to do this blog and document how vicious and mean many people are. I can't make this stuff up. And also notice the spelling and obvious bad sentence structure. They clearly show their lousy education. So prepare to be stunned by what you read here.

Actually Jimmy Kimmel Live created a segment sometime in 2014 (I can't locate detailed info). And that premise is the same as this blog. Creating a platform to show how bad people can be online.

As someone who has had over 200+ videos on my YouTube channel for many years, I've endured the wrath on a pretty regular basis. Not only on my videos, but on others. The main objective of these low lives is to comment on the commenters, not on the videos. That is the standard MO of many. So again, this is what can happen to many who express their opinions. So here are some samples:

1- Chris Kristopherson said: "$10 per text, YOUR A FUCKING MORON. On top of that you talk like a pussy. Girls like you don't deserve a gun".

2- eddrum100 said: "The statute of limitations ran out, you halfwit."

3- Jerry Arnie said: "I use talk to text and I could give a flying crap if I spelled your name right, come speak to my face and I'll bust you in your mouth."

4- Reggie Blinker said: "No, you just have a big fat balding head."

5- Reggie Blinker said: "Are you a real person? You are on Youtube insulting Sinead O'Connor's appearance whilst at the same time displaying a photo of your ugly mug next to your comment. What exactly did you expect would happen? My eye sight is fine mate, however after reading that comment i would have major concerns over your vision. If that is a full head of hair then you have the biggest forehead in the are fucking bald you stupid cunt. "A classic MO (method of operation) of the ignoramus and un-educated"..not sure exactly what that means, but i'm fairly certain calling people unattractive when you are one of the ugliest men on the planet would seem like the modus operandi of an ignoramus. Jog on old man, you are over the hill."

6- Reggie Blinker said: "Charles Rinehart I see you changed your profile pic Charles. Good call, that skirted egg you call a head was hideous, although don't think wearing a hat makes you any less bald, it is a temporary solution to a permanent problem...and you still have that awful face. Unfortunately you clearly haven't changed your ignorant and now bigoted views. You are an asshole Charles."

7- Johnny Books said: "Pass the fuck out and shuffle off this mortal coil. You would only feel safe "making videos" to showoff your opinions. Any young man would beat the shit out of an arrogant old man like you."

8- Johnny Books said: "Old World Racists like you have no political party. You lost the Civil War. I don't need you criticizing my generations problem and comparing impoverished people to wild animals. The looting and rioting across the country in neighborhoods like Ferguson prove how dysfunctional this society is. And it is YOUR FAULT OLD WHITE MAN COMPLAINING ABOUT WORK ETHICS & RACE. Put that in your blog and smoke it."

9- Mike Pannell said: "Time to review grammar you retarded faggot!"

10- TheGuardian163 said: "So it's impossible for someone to do something good without having a dishonest and evil goal behind it? You're fucking sick. Anytime someone does something because he or she cares about others your kind of people always come up and invent a backward dishonest goal they "must" behind it to do what they do, cause they can't possibly be genuine about what they do. You just can't stand people standing up and doing something great."

11- Fashion Dues said: "Youre a couple days from your death bed you old piece of shit. Worry about saying your last goodbyes to your grandkids aarp bitch." (great spelling by this girl)

12- Fashion Dues said: Y"es my hobby is an amazing activity for me. Thanks for giving credit where its due. Now go sit down before you break a hip. Dont forget to add this one to tour blog too, Old fart. How about you get offline and do something like play bingo and turn THAT INTO A HOBBY. I bet you dont have a wife because youre annoying. Lol." (Again this teenage girl is bad at spelling. No doubt she is poised to go far in life)

13- Nokty said: "Being a brilliant comedian with more televised specials in the history of comedians and having nearly perfect improvisational comedic timing does lend a certain sense of confidence to ones self, Not to mention... SHE FUCKING BEING RECORDED AND ON TV CONSTANTLY YOU DUMB TWAT."

14- Fashion Dues said: "Disrespecting someone is low class".... Look at your first comment, Idiot. You both are dumb. I never called you racist. Im never bothered by racist comments because intimidation causes racist remarks which goes to show you would never say anything in public to a black man that you say online. Youre loosing your mind old man. Im going to have to call your doctor and request medication for Dementia and AARP."

15- Nada Ebeid said: "You are so pathetic and racist, thinking you are superior, people like you disgust me."

16- cknytodd said: "you got a face like a can of worms."

17- shanna dupree said: "you are either a convincing troll or a very immature old man. Your comment was rude."

18- Mohammed Bilal said: "Prick he is not a woman and he is not wearing a dress he is wearing wat muslim wear mother fucker prick".

19- AG LEGEND said: "It's not a dress it's what Muslims put on u dumb ass old little tramp go and piss of and go kiss ur dads ass u gay idiot."

20- PaulDA2000 said: "Charles Rinehart, you are an asshole."

21- Angel Flying said: "You know buddy you have brass nuts sitting there slamming them into the gutter when you, yourself are a mean minded, judgemental WEIRD fuck up who I am sure does not have the truckloads of money Cher has ya know cuz she's so weird millions of fans adore her while you're bottom of the ladder grunt! Suck it up."

22- Sarah Soulia said: "I sure as hel woul not need to use a GPS to find you old dirt bag. I am 28. You live in Sarasota Fl and I bet I can pull up an address for you too.You and I do not live that far from each other. i love Sarasota been there a lot. I used to live in Sarasota county (nice sentence structure yes?)."

23- Sarah Soulia said: "You want to act like a dirt bag, you can expect to be treated like one."

24- Simon Persson said: "a homophobic old man? Should you be in a church or six feet under the ground in a grave yard. Get off youtube grandpa."

25- Joe Guirey said: "yur an idiot ! typical paranoid teabaggin fucking stooge."

26- Brenda Iglehart said: " Learn To Recognize A True American, ASSHOLE! My Five Cents."

27- iNdUsTrIaLrOcKeR4U said: "Charles, please loose about 30 lbs. How did you like my suggestion? Are you a hypocrite?"

28- dknytodd said: "you LQQK like a fat lesbian. lmao."

29- dknytodd said: "we like making fat old losers like you squeal. you look like a dyke. your dink don't work no more so might as well carpet munch like Sinead you old fool."

30- thegoodlife10 said: "Hey old man jelous your not riding a harley. But stuck in a cage. Hating?"

31- M Mil said: "Lol, but what about what whites have done? Shooting kindergarden schools and movie theaters, stealing land and killing native americans, enslaving blacks and killing and abusing them for years. You my friend are ignorant. Perhaps a proper history lesson will do you well, Grandpa. Get off the internet."

32- Craig Shipp said: "You are an ass and a total loser."

33- ithemadhatter said: "And after looking at your page I can see you're little more than a racist old wind bag who can't communicate in English and contradicts himself in a way that's quite amusing. OOOEEEOOOO ape man dumb dumb. "You are out of your element here. The footage of the Ferguson rioters show them to be doing exactly what these primates here. The comparison cannot be defended. Liberals like you are laughable." lmfao. I hope to god you don't have offspring. God knows what kind of shit you've trained into your polluted like tard babies."

34- Michael Williams said: "you look like a cockroach you ugly fuck."

35- Jamell Emerson (a police officer) said: "Shut the F*** up you ugly ass fat-middle aged loser. Really, like you look like Brad Pitt or something".

36- cc10121492 said: "You're old and out of touch with the new reality. Being lazy is not a bad thing if we have machines making work easier. Interacting with people is outdated now that we communicate electronically. Old people like you should stop trying to make friends with customer service employees, who hopefully will get replaced with computers soon".

37- voderick said: "And you look like a slow old farmer man wearing hat to hide your baldness"!

38- Rockk0 said: "she wouldn't go for an old geezer like you".

38- LastAvailableAlias said: "You are a real embarrassment to my country. People like you give America a bad name. I'm pretty sure you didn't do shit during WW2 either".

39- Tagg63 said: "Lordy...Botox is used to freeze the forehead muscles. Dont comment unless you know what the F you are talking about! Talk about an imbecile".

40- SickJigg said: "fuck you racist piece of shit!"

41- Charlie Angel said: "the real question is SO WHAT ? you look like a senile impotent man and that dont bothers me."

42- +pallie87 said: "I CERTAINLY MUST SAY THAT YOU ARE A COMPLETE IGNORANT ASSHOLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A TOTAL UNTRUSTWORTHY BASTARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I TRULY HOPE YOUR SORRY ASS IS FOUND OUT & FIRED AS FAST AS POSSIBLE" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

43- Weston Stevens said: "Normal society is anything but, bunch of assholes like yourself.>

44- Kmnuoym K said: "Shut your old, dried up, half dead, fat, soggy body ass up".

45- Dave said: "You seem like a little bitch".

46- Ian Wyatt said: "Good thing your old and soon will die, less people like you".

47- Mark Valdez said: "Thanks for the response Charles, as you can tell, this comment was posted on December 4, 2014. Since then, I've done plenty of research and have a clear understanding of the many advantages of recording video using a film camera over a smart phone. I'd say that there's no need for the name calling, but this is the internet so fuck off Charles, you fucking shit-head".

48- Roger Bye said: "go vote for jeb bush you measly old crusty man".

49- XXXREBXXX1 said: "who gives a fuck about his hair asshole hes a great writter and whos worried about his fuckin hair asswipe at least he aint wearing a hat fag like you. you kinda look silly to me fag">

50- Yazooize said: "I love you. America and the colonial white skin ashkenazi occupied land of Yisrael will tire, will falter and will fail in approximately (((1468))) days . Colonialism is unprovoked force servitude; by conquest,death or applied consent and is of itself supremacy. Colonialism must reap what it has sown, death. (Ground zero.) C.o.p.s Colonialist.Occupying.Power.scum i.e. the first re - educationist 1). America the white skin colonialist occupiers and the colonial white skin ashkenazi occupation of the land of Yisrael will never see 2020. 1a) Cop Sean B. was a colonial tactician i.e. american soldier or C.o.p. a colonialism enforcer, maintaining and protecting USA right to be a self sustaining colonial sovereignty, and to destroy and forcibly put and end to, persons or people exercising their God given indigenous fatherhood and family self preservation right, to be a self sustaining independent precolonized,natural none white mutant skin nation. 2.) Colonial european white skin america took the right of the indigenous eskimos, the natives of north America, the Hawaiians, from being a nation. 2a) Colonial european white skin America wants others to defend, too respect and honour her right as a nation. I quote an American, "America does not walk it, like she talks it." ; the moment an indigenous people stand up against servitude like an adult or precolonial nation and defend their God given sovereign inalienable right not too be held captive,confined by colonial occupiers i.e.Americans; they are either detain, imprison, die or disappear from off the face of the earth. 3) America the USA gov the criminal insane kidnapped black human beings and took their life,their liberty,their identity,their heritage, their culture,their language their religion their irreplaceable God given sovereign right of national self defense, their self sustaining independent national freedom,their pursuit of happiness. in the immortal words of a verified Qualified military veteran Pastor Jeremiah Wright " God Damn American" and i concur with my God and my weapons and my God given life; May God Damn America to Hell. I Quote an American"Anyone that says America has not forgotten God is a liar".Psalm 9:17".

51- paul penelly said: "Charles Rinehart you're a piece of shit."

52- The Wolf said: "Charles Rinehart go fuck yourself please and thank you".

52- said: "Anything to further the cause to 'End the Drug War' Today! I hope you get raped by los zetas nigger. You deserve it".

53- Bahram Zamani said: "your facial structure makes me sure that you are a Muslim."

54- Jakes Vlogs said: grow a pair.. The color of skin does not matter & its people like you why this world still has this problem... White people are just as bad. Idk (short for 'I don't know') how old you are but please start acting your age and realize that anybody is capable of anything. Regardless on skin color."

55- Patrick Niranjan said: "your motherfuckin twat is not cool asshole i hope your famiyl dies soon as possible come on jesus kill his family."

56- Cory Baxter said: "stfu charles" in response to my comment "A fantastic video. Thanks for sharing. And thank you for your service."

57- Hardline Soul said: "Your kind of an idiot aren't you?"

58- Tommy Adams said: "You angry old man. I pity you."

59- Morgan Foge said: "I'm saying you are very creepy and odd."

60- Jon Snow said: "Born an ignorant idiot, you will always be an ignorant idiot. Can't change that."

61- Siggi Jackson said "You don't know shit, son. Even when your daddy would starve, that piece of crap still wouldn't deserve to eat Ali´s shit."

62- 1JRambo said: "get your ass raped keep your mouth shut ,, open carry dumb dumb dumb what a dumb ass."

63- BootStrapBob said: "You are socially retarded my friend".

64- Shawn Sims said: "hopefully your heart stops in your sleep you white mother fucker." 

65- Jerry Incandenza said: "did you watch the video? dude got in his car and before he could even turn the ignition she stormed in. Please grandpa don't blame the driver. If anything he was too good, a saint in fact."

66- OG Triple OG said: How could you make a such a comment (about Bill O'Reilly) and not being able to realize that you are a complete retarded douche bag???"

67- The Yeshivaguy said: "you're so uneducated. The Maldives have the most people per capita in the world that join ISIS to chop off peoples heads in the middle east. Get educated, d*** head."

68- Neil Parga said: "google it you moron...she was the moderator tonight's debate and she looked like a smirking toothy horse. please end your life."

69- Drew “2u” 2u said: jealous=cunt (my initial comment was "I never liked Prince. Too smug and arrogant he is."

70- escobarstatus said: "The guys a typical Florida redneck that watches too much Fox News, pay him no mind."

71- Brighter.Planet said: "Charles u r a shit hole."

72- Dimitri Bitu1 said: "I bet more than you. I saw all of his movies and watched 2 or 3 docs about him. You are so wrong Charles. You should shut the fuck up."

73- PaulDA2000 said: "Charles Rinehart, you are an asshole."

74- OfficeBear IMBACKURMAD said "he'll most likely go much farther than the lowly racist that you are ever did."

75- Force Vader said: "Charles Rinehart of course you'll agree your old cunt>"

76- gordy threehorses said: "from your momma's nasty pussy."

77- Chris Frag said: "Coming from some old fuckhead,who probably never played down of pro ball, or even college. Try blocking Jessie Tuggle, like I did, then you can talk..idiot."

78- cheesegrater3000 said: "You can't even spell "bear" when it's right in front of you...dumb ass redneck".

79- Godisnot Real said: "Says a fucking moron who doesn't know shit. Just shut the fuck up hillbilly".

80- GoddessDianaTantrika said: "white trash at its finest!!!!!"

81- BCtruck, rebuild, repair, repurpose said: "you're a sad little unimportant unman. 2 years ago I left this comment. You are lost in a sea of scum and you blend right in. I feel sorry for you".

82: John Gohde said- "Up yours, Retard! How do like them apples?"

83- 8th Wonder Of The World said: "Are you that ugly misformed mummified fossil in your profile picture, mongrel?"

84- jordy pollack said: "you're old and disgusting. why are you even on youtube? shouldn't you be taking pills and shitting in your old man diapers? you only have like 3 years left on this earth. chill out while you have a chance".

85- Alexis Jones said: "You're a piece of shit".

86: Sarah Soulia said: "Wow you are a real moron. You must be a redneck hillbilly!!! Do you have any brains worth while inside that ugly fucking head that you have?"

87- Consrignrant said: "Why? You don't know anything about him or you wouldn't come to that conclusion. You don't like his art, that's fine but it doesn't make him a "scum bag". I looked at your channel, you delusional, right wing dumb fuck. Clearly you are the one who is a scum bag. Robert Mapplethorpe's life and work will be remembered always. Your meaningless life is already forgotten".

88- HTHAMMACK1 said: "You don't have a damn clue you idiot. Liberals are not ruining anything. You want to talk about ruining things, racists conservatives like you have destroyed states. Republican governor Sam Brownback destroyed Kansas with his trickle down BS. Bobby Jindal did the same to Louisiana. Abbott did the same to Texas. I also live in Georgia and Atlanta is nothing of what you claim. You're just ignorant as hell.

89- AL UK said: "make your mind up you neanderthal durrrr". 

90- Greg07623 said: "And do you have a point, or would that be overtaxing your itty bitty brain"?

91- whatigottosay said: "Only a fag would ask a ? like that". (this response was to my question about Diane Ross's hair)

92- robocu4 said: "He's just some creepy idealist bitter old man who thinks all millenials don't know what work is lol".

93- Greg Wigren said: "I guess we all better gather at your feet and absorb your knowledge. haha. Judging by your pic, my guess is you haven't seen your feet in years".

94- hsu hao mavado said: "your cracker opinion is irrelevant".

95- Greg07623 said: "Charles, old man, is that the very best you can come up with? Correcting my spelling? By some chance do you have an original thought somewhere in that tiny brain".

96- Dr Buz Sawyer, Jr said: "Screw you, Rinehart, and your Liberal bashing bullshit. Cummings is a distinguished Member of the United States Congress. What the fuck are you a member of ? Sam's Club ? Moose Lodge"?

97- Toxic Truth said: "Get off your high horse nosy ass creepy fuck".

98- Toxic Truth said: "Mind your own business you nosy old creep".

99- Frankie Bleddyn said: "I think those fines are based on statistics like quality of life, average income, etc....where you live the fines would be about two bucks".

100- Harry Callahan said: "You must be one of the few to actually say that they are glad to live in Florida. The place is an absolute shithole. A hot sticky cesspit of criminality and deviance".

101- Mathieu Mansire said: "its 2016 you grumpy old fuck."

102- shyladare said: "He's talking about you. GTFO my country you retard".

103- Alex le tank said: "Hahha look at your face! They should send you in the war zone".

104- Jason T said: "News Flash God is not going to do shit. He leaves it up to those who are strong, which could be you, but you are a lazy piece of shit who leaves his problems for others to clean up".

105- Just look around, morons are everywhere! said: "No such place as 'hell' you stupid cross kissing kook... I mean seriously, you people want all of mankind to burn for an eternity in a fire pit while being prodded by pitch fork welding super demon if we don't bow to your pagan god Jesus. Look in the mirror Charles, you believe in evil ideas, lunkhead"!!

106- 300tank said: "And stupid ass comments like that make you look like a true idiot, cast stones dumb a$$" (this in response to saying I hate tattoos)

107- 300tank said: "Just so my reply is clear that was for you Charles Rinehart, your comment is just stupid ! You know who says shit like that , people that want tats but are too pussy to get one because they are worried about what others will think! Grow a set".

108: Brighter Planet said: "fuck u and ur daughters. Me and Hitler gonna gang bang ur whole white trash family". 

109: Kujenga Ashe: "You are a son of the devil!!! You are ignorant and evil and stupid! But God will one day show you up for what you really are". (this in response to saying former Detroit mayor Coleman Young was a big factor in destroying Detroit) 

110: Jacob White said: "fuck you, old man. I am entitled to my opinions and beliefs. At least I have any unlike most people my age. Whether you agree with them or not makes no difference. My opinions are based on personal experience, while so far all I have heard against it is just stuff you've pulled out of your ass, expecting people to believe without question. It says in the title he is Transgender. This is why your point is not valid. You take your own discriminatory perception, which seemed tainted with unjustified homophobia , and say it's true. I follow the facts". 

111: Lizzie Bowen said: "Alright, old man calm down. You're not so old that you're incapable of realizing a few terms in our society today. She is gender neutral and androgynous. If I have to sit through history class and hear about your generation then u should be able to adapt a little to the current generation. Got it?"?

112: Greendragon420able said: "You have a very small penis".

113: dmdnruf3244 said: "It's spelled Burt . wow. This guy was educated on sesame street, homo".

114: Ren Dennison said: "What do you expect. Its a public place. This is what we call life dude. And yea, just imaging how many people changed the channel after cranking out a hot nut. Why don't you consider a motor home if you travel a lot so you don't have to be where others have not been. And you will still be okay if you do touch germs. Yea, exposure to more germs keeps your immunity up and strong and the more small tings it fights off it can in turn fight off bigger things easier versus having be exposed to not many germs and then when you are I'm sure you get sick pretty hard. I'm sure you get the flu alot too".

115: blastercombo audio said: "Shut up racist christian male. You are the new terrorist threat"

116: 13Elementguy said: "Stalking might offend people you old ass piece of shit".

117: 13Elementguy said: "You are rude for always filming people you piece of shit go suck cock. You are an old pathetic stalker and that is all you are".

118: 13Elementguy said: "You are the fat old faggot that films people and you try to get on someone for cutting in line".

119: 13Element guy said: "You just stalk people for a living you are a fucking creep and a fat ugly one too. You are pathetic".

120: Emilio Huetas said: "MAYBE cause your an "asshold". (<- great speller here)

121: mikelheron20 said: "Charles Rinehart Looking at your thumbnail you're a good example of why people have cosmetic surgery. You really ought to take a look in a mirror before criticising" (great speller) anyone.

122: 10vevideos said said: "Charles M Rinehart you knew her? Oh wait, you're an old moron that believes movies. I bet you think aliens will blow up the whitehouse too".

123: Jeep Man said: "Are you fucking serious Charles? What man isn't a fucking poon hound as you call it? I mean what straight man isn't? Cmon get real. She was sexually harassed then im the fucking president. If she was sexually harassed then holy fuck every man in America has probably sexually harassed his own wife on their first date or any other woman they dated. This is all some big show so this woman can get her face plastered all over television for a day or so. Is it really that hard for people to see. ? I guess it is. You fucks are all morons".

124: Kobe Dog said: "You're one of the stupidest cunts on the internet. Just look at what you said, you disintegrating old asshole. "Most cops are more corrupt than the old Mafia." You stupid old moron, to actually think and say that".

125: LastbutNotFirst said: "yo listen. you need to get the fuck away from a keyboard. its determental to your health".

126: Bare Knuckle Honky said: Charles M Rinehart yea but your a pussy and I'm a liberal and I can definately kick your ass so what does that make you?

127: Negan said: "I just watched some of your uploaded vids. Not only are ypu a retard, but you are a fucking pervy, sexual predator. You have some nerve calling out lamotta for hitting women, when you are probably raping them".

128: Negan said: "im sure she injoyed (horrible speller) you filming her ass like that, you fucking perv. I knew there was something off about you".

129: Negan said: "your filming girls asses without them knowing and uploading them onto youtube. that is creepy as hell. you are a fucking sexual predator. You are also a pussy, you deleted our whole argument because you got destroyed. keep running your mouth and i will share some of your perv vids on reditt and 4chan".

130: ansbdb dnsnns said: "well go apply you lazy fuck".

131: jools2323 said: "He was British born - you're a bigot".

132: Justin said: "Charles M Rinehart lol you were tickled to death to get a comment. You look like a slob. I love the video where you're recording some old lady's ass as she converses with her husband - both totally unaware of the human stain behind them on the smart phone he got for Christmas. "Can I help you, sir?" "No...uh, just waiting for my friend in the restroom." Charles Rinehart Productions! What a joke. More like olduglyfatloserwithnofriends productions. It's obvious what a sack of refuse you are. Please".

133: Matthew Crnich said: "Why does the title specify the color of his skin? B. Why do you think this is going to help this "issue" you are so clearly concerned about? C. "Many social workers" is not by any means a measurable or factual statement. In what circumstance are you speaking with "many social workers?" D. You also contradict yourself by saying that nobody should be homeless because they can make their situation better for themselves. Then you go on to say that their circumstance is the main factor of their shortcomings. So make up your mind and decide what you believe in. In my eyes you are just an ignorant racist who has short site of the real issue. You do have an eye for change, but only from the most useless and superficial point of view. You declared yourself a production company then went on to act like you knew anything about anything. I saw your racist remarks on another video which said "black lover." I hope nobody ever takes your opinion for anything more than shit".

134: Michelle Jones said: "Your a dick Charles you pea brain middle class brat"!

135: tigerlily said: "Gonna report you to your company for racism. I've seen your comments on those racist "in the hood" pranks. Old cracker cunts like you need to die".

136: Jim Kirk said: "Dude, you're a complete dick. Who wants to be video's at 7 am in a store shopping. No, I didn't buy any ammo over the last few years due to prices. If I caught you video taping me in a store, we'd have a problem".

138: mikelheron20 said: "Charles Rinehart Looking at your thumbnail you're a good example of why people have cosmetic surgery. You really ought to take a look in a mirror before criticising anyone. Of course the thumbnail might not be you - for your sake I hope so".

138: dion staples said: "for the fact that you sir are a complete asshole-filming a person and calling him a hillbilly is racist as fuck-he did nothing wrong".

139: Raymond Warren said: "and there are a ton of MEN who think you are a faggot!!

140: ckron23 said: "Charles M Rinehart y is it crap cause yo old white ass don't like it fuck you and what you like plenty people do racist bitch".

141: Slowpoke said: "Charles M Rinehart looks like a rat on acid".

142: Adriana Cisneros said: "who the fuck goes around video taking some dude with an ankle monitor? if i caught anyone video taping me without my knowledge i would be waiting for you in the parking lot".

143: The End Begins said: "Fuck you may your death be lonely and extremely painful".

144: Suzanne A Wells said: Who are you, neanderthal man? Are you kidding me?


146: Cotton Mather said: "Have you been there? If not, don't comment on facility".

147: philip waldstreicher said: "damn charles you hella white and way to old to be postin youtube videos like this unless you are a compiny or some shit but nigga seem like the type if whit dude to vote for trump". (This person gets the top prize for being the most ignorant SOB to ever visit my YouTube channel)

148: Casey Hackney said: "it a fucking dumbass. those stupid canoes they paddle ate longer than that boat. get a fucking life you loser".

149: Tyler Horn said: "You live in Florida and is a fucking creep look at his other videos. And hopefully irma knocks your creeping old faggot ass of the map".

150: Black Lima Six said: "I wish it were not in a cage so it could have kicked your ass, idiot. If you were vacationing here please don't come back".

151: Giuseppe Circelli said: "lol "black rappers" you sound old you silly faggot hang it up".

152: Anthony Feiga said: "Fuck other ppl bro sick video bro I really want to know the name of that song".

153: Adem Sadlur said: "haha you’re such a passive aggressive faggot, next time do something about the music and confront him , oh wait.. you’re too much of a pussy LOL And by the way in 2012 they passed a law stating you can have loud music in Florida, get over it grandpa".

154: Rick Aldrich said: "You're a fucking Dick".

155: Philip Waldstreicher said: "damn charles you hella white and way to old to be postin youtube videos like this unless you are a compiny or some shit but nigga seem like the type if whit dude to vote for trump".

156: Casey Hackney said: "it a fucking dumbass. those stupid canoes they paddle ate longer than that boat. get a fucking life you loser".

157: LUGG NUTT-THE MECHANIC said: "Well word is that, when you went to jail, you were turned into a jailhouse bitch, by the Aryan brotherhood for losing fight in front of half the prison to a 68 year old gay, feminine, wig wearing Puerto Rican faggot"!

158: Lee Borders said: "Your retarted bud die in a grease fire". (Nice spelling loser)

159: Michael Reed said: "2/3rds of the way in and you are still babbling about what you are going to do? Flagged for BS".

160: Mel Perry said: "do you people have lives? every foamer who had been to this bridge has an orgasim, over scrap metal" (good speller here).

161: Michael Harley said: "regardless.... you are a dirty old man, that's someone mother!!! why are you staring at her breasts???? did you get a booner???"

162: Michael Harley said: "I would like to crack your nuts like pecans!!!! you dirty ole pervert!!!"

163: dbag0584 said: "DO NOT let your children near this man. No joke DON'T". 

164: dbag0584 said: "Stop spying on people you sick old fuck. This guy belongs in jail ASAP".

165: dbag0584 said: "I don't thinks appropriate to video someone without there knowledge especially when they didn't do anything".

166: banana delrama said: "you dont need extra money man you need to kill yourself itd (<-great spelling) be better".

167: Dez Indeed Dropped It: "he actually is dickeater".

168: banana delrama said: "hey you fucking fagget how about instead of posting videos of conspiracy or commenting on youtube videos you go enjoy your NOT antisocial life by the way what you do online is FOREVER i really truely hope someone finds your house because of your youtube channel and fucking kills you while awake and itd make my day so much" (as you can see the spelling by this POS is pathetic).

170: Adam Shaxx said: "shut up you old Honkey".

171: Rudolpho Robles said: "Charles M Rinehart how bout i give u missing teeth yeah buttter finger and Skittles on me for u".

172: When I said "no more amazing meals for Anthony Bourdain" and Gabriel Lucas Pereira Soares said: "hopefully you'll join him".

I cannot make this stuff up. My blog continues to get bigger. I love exposing as many of these degenerate assholes as possible. The more I comment on videos, the more I'm attacked. And the weird thing is most of the time they single me out over many others. Even when we all have much the same type opinions. Of course I'm not alone. It's epidemic. And very eye opening. Also, all these people get blocked quickly from my channel.

Actually many of these people are chronic. Inciting a confrontation all the time. Lots will do this. But I try not to be sucked in. If I see someone who continues to ramp up the nastiness in the conversation, I will back out. It's just the smart thing to do. Don't make yourself look bad. Make them look bad. And it can work. Also I will routinely use reverse psychology. But what is the best strategy is up to you. I will continue documenting here as I receive comments. Thanks for seeing.